Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The End of the Trail? A New Beginning...

What's Schoolin'?

Nothing.  That's the strange part.  My schooling of my oldest is over.  Done.  Finished.  I'm not hauling out all of my materials for her.  I'm not conferencing with her about her goals for this upcoming year, how we'll meet graduation expectations, or what curriculum she wants to use for Math.  I'm not thinking about her learning style and what will be a good match pedagogically.  I don't have stacks of school supplies for her.  They are all boxed up and... gone... with her... to college.

Yes, there's a void.  I homeschool.  It's what I do.  It's my life.  My children's schooling is my life because our lives are our schooling.  Make sense?  It does to me :).  Especially with a Montessori slant on schooling the line is sometimes blurred between life and schooling.  And, thanks to being the overthinker that I am, I can think about school at all times when I'm jazzed or planning units.  I am not thinking about her schooling.  It's weird!

And yet it is a new beginning.  I am excited for her as she faces new experiences.  I'm thrilled that she cares what I think and calls to share or touch base.  Now that she's a 'college student' my role has shifted.  From guiding and leading to guiding and supporting/encouraging.  From informer to listener.  From Mom and Friend to Mom and Friend.  Wait - that hasn't changed!  Our relationship will continue to grow and flourish as we delve into the world of young adult and beyond.

I feel soooo blessed to have her for my daughter.  To like and enjoy one's child is a joy beyond description.  Missing her is a pain I cherish because it underscores the love and enjoyment between us.

It is also a new beginning for my other children.  The dynamics of a family shift when one is absent.  They miss her as well and are not a part of each others' daily lives any more.  I also feel soooo blessed to have them for my daughters.  It warms my heart to see how much each sibling loves the others - and how they like each other!

I have another senior this upcoming year.  We'll treasure and cherish each others' company as we put closure to this stage in her life as well.

[SIGH]  Okay... so now it's time to get refocused and actually start planning for the other 2!

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