Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Restless Leg Syndrome?

I was reading an article about RLS in the Natural Grocers monthly magazine.  I got rid of my RLS by simply switching to Real Salt and by using it liberally.  Whenever my legs start to feel weird (if you have RLS you know what I mean) I put some Real Salt in water and take it as a supplement.  Really. 

Magnesium is also a well-known help for RLS.  However, I've noticed that when I take too much magnesium my RLS gets worse.  Maybe for me it's a more delicate balance of trace minerals and such.  I feel that way with ConcenTrace too but it works wonders for other people.  So, even though I use ConcenTrace sparingly, we definitely use it as a family with good results.

Anyway, what really surprised me was the iron mentioned in the article.  These are the recommendations they mentioned:

- Iron
- Folate
- Magnesium

Read the whole article here and, no, I am NOT affiliated with them at all.  I'm just sharing info that I hope might be helpful to someone.

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