Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Veronica's Veil

Here are 2 versions to make Veronica's Veil.  Ideally we will make them on Holy Thursday.  One will last longer (the one with glue and non-washable tempura paint) but the other is more likely to get done (the one using crayola washable markers).  I'll just have to dig through my paints to see if I even have any non-washable paint.  That will be the deciding factor...  There is also a bit of information at these sites describing the veil and it's place in Christ's Passion and journey to Calvary.

Either way, I'm simply using some fresh (never used) UNpaper towels from my linen closet.  These are smallish, about 7x12 inches (the sizes really vary), but the ones I'll use are made from white thin material.  Perfect for this project!

Here is an outline drawing to use as a template.  I may have to staple the cloth to the paper to keep it still while we outline with glue.  With the other version we will just color on this paper with the washable markers.

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