Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Prep ~ Part 1 (Egg Coloring and Treats)

We'll be decorating our eggs with natural dyes again this year.  This is an old post that shows what we did before:

This post has pictures of the finished eggs and of their "Easter Baskets" (clay pots that they painted).  We'll be doing pots again this year.

Here is a neat kit for anyone wanting safe dyes without the fuss of starting from scratch:
Eco-Eggs Easter Egg Coloring Kit

India Tree Natural Dyes should work instead of fake dyes with vinegar like you normally would dye eggs.  It's been several years since I've had this brand so I haven't experimented with it on eggs.  I would love to get another set.  They lasted about a year before they dried out.  Had I known I would have used them up instead of 'saving' them for rare occasions.

Some more ideas for natural food coloring:

This is such a cool idea:  Tea infused marbled eggs!

Hard boiled eggs pickled in beet kvass.  Such a beautiful color!  I'd better hurry if I want them ready for Easter (you know, by the time I make it to the store to get the beets, get/make some yogurt for the whey, ferment the beet kvass... I've let off of my liver support supplements and foods so this may push me back to the kvass).

Jelly Beans:  I started too late to search for them.  Too bad.  Had I ordered just a day or two sooner I could have gotten them the Yummy Earth Sour Beans.  They have a $5 special add-on right now on Amazon but the delivery date was the Monday after Easter so I took it off of my liver and adrenal supplements order :(.  They would have ordered them locally but I cannot pay $8 for each to have a little bag of jelly beans.  $5 for 10 snack bags... I would've done.  Surf Sweets is another jelly bean option free from petroleum dyes.
This one looks like the best buy.  Tasty brand of candies would be a nice alternative.  I need to see if Sprouts still has them.

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