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Livestock Judging Resources [4-H]

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As we prepare for this season's 4-H Livestock Judging contests I thought I would try to compile resources in one place for us and anyone else to use as needed.  These are not in any particular order.  We've had a lot of difficulty finding resources and truly wish this list had existed!  It's a highly competitive area and coaches tend to hold their resources closely.  Even our Ag Extension Agent had limited information.  I hope this is helpful to others and am sharing in the spirit of collaboration.  We will be making study binders with all of the printables.  I'll give a copy to the 4-H extension agent and team members (ha, actually the senior county team is my 2 olders and the younger if it's a contest with no age divisions; however, 2 more are joining us for the District contest so we now have an official team with "3-4 members" instead of just individuals).

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There are a zillion and one links here (yes, actually a zillion and one!) so it is possible that I may have duplicated a few here and there.  I may have even skipped capital letters or mmisspelledd some words.
I'm too cross-eyed to go back and check so... :)

Online resources:

Judging 101 is $45/year but they have some free lessons also.  I think it would be worth the $45 if it is helpful.  Middle dd would LOVE to be on a college livestock judging team so in that case it would be a good investment.  I would like to find some reviews or feedback regarding this subscription.

Excellent tutorials for each group of animal: (several classes of animals for online practice) (lambs) (livestock judging tips) (free classes from - they have a subscription but these samples are free)(subscription is $100/year)

These go together:

Build a Study Binder:

Note taking template:


Judging manual (very good):

Using performance data in judging:

Frame evaluation:

Using performance data in judging classes:

Study guide for judging meat goats:

Basic steps to judging meat goats:

Livestock Judging Basics:

Learning through Judging:

Meat goats judging workshop (script for power point but no power point) **ranks traits of importance**:


Linear Lesson:

Judging sheep:

Judging performance classes:

Judging swine (part 2):

Swine (part 4)

Using EPDs:

Structural soundness in beef:

Market steer grading:


Great article about EPD (genetics):


Oral Reasons tips:

EPD Balancing traits for profit:

EPD sample reasons:

Swine EPD terminology:

Sheep evaluation (online only - too much color to print):

Goat skeletal anatomy:

Steer terminology:

swine selection:

Evaluating market swine:

Performance classes (swine):

Parts of a pig (detailed):

Swine structure:

Judging performance classes:

Lamb terminology:

Sample questions:

Goat judging (breeding):

Goat judging (market):

Reasons templates:

Sample reasons:

(I think these pictures go with it)

Swine sample breeding scenario (no answers):

Sample classes:


This is not livestock judging but has questions that may be in skillathons and such.  This may help study for the Hippology contest or vet skillathon.
Livestock e-Quiz:

Many of the above links were found here:

Youtube has a lot of videos.  I have found a lot by putting "livestock judging" in the search and "livestock judging epd."

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