Monday, March 25, 2013

Grocery Sales ~ Venerable Bede: The Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation

What's Cookin'?

If you have a Tom Thumb near you, they currently have organic Fiji apples on sale for $0.99/pound!!! Wish I could've gotten more!

Have an Albertsons?  I got hormone-free Tillamook cheese on sale 50% off (buy one, get one)!!  So, it ended up cheaper than the Wal-Mart brand cheese at only $2.00/8 oz or $3.99/lb.  I've rationed it and we'll use the last block up for pizza tonight (Colby Jack) but 4 packs lasted us several weeks.  So, even though that particular sale may or may not be going on in your store (I've found that they differ from place to place), I wanted to let you know just in case.  I go in weekly to Albertsons and specifically check for sales on Tillamook cheese, Challenge Butter, and Sanderson chicken.  A few weeks ago I got hormone-free Challenge butter for $2.99/pound (Wal-Mart butter with added ingredients is $3.49 here).  Some days I walk out empty-handed and others with a bag and a big smile :).

What's Schoolin'?

The olders are reading Bede.  This is wonderful - how did I ever miss it through all of my schooling?  After reading Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History (The History of the Church: From Christ to Constantine) written during Ancient Rome, this was a natural sequel. Venerable Bede died just before the Viking raids began (just to give you an anchor). Below are their reading assignments for this book.  I went back and added Caedmon's story because it was specifically alluded to in our Brit Lit spine.  There is a link to the pdf in case anyone wants to print it out easily.  You may notice that they weren't required to read the entire book.  This is more of a survey reading of the book but with a good enough chunk to make an impact.  It will also fit right in with their studies of Church History.

I happen to have Augustine Came to Kent (Grades 4 and up) so they can read that for fun since they'll have read the account in Bede's Book I.  Youngest snagged it before the olders and who am I to stand in the way of her "eager to read" phase?  Following the child and a prepared environment can really be this simple sometimes! [Oh, and as part of this phase and her "prepared environment," we checked out about 6 more Hank the Cowdog books this weekend!  Her last reading response card activity that she chose was a diorama of a scene from a Hank book.]

Note:  The free Kindle book above is really hard to read.  I found another free pdf online somewhere but, although better, was still hard to read.  If you can get your hands on a hard copy it will be easier on your eyes.  I found a copy (the little green one in the link above) in a tiny small-town library and in a university library.  World Cat can show you where to look.

Pdf link:

The Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation
(Everyman's Library Edition)
Venerable Bede

Read the intro pp. V-XI. [From the beginning up to “If by that time a new wave of Scandinavian invaders had overwhelmed the houses where Bede lived and worked, he had taken his turn in handing on the torch of life in its strange passage round the confines of the Northern world.”]

Book I through Chapter XXVII (Stop after Augustine's 7th question): pp. 1 – 42

Chapter XXXI – XXXIV and first page of Book II Chapter 1 (Pope Gregory's death): pp. 54-59

Chapters VI – XI (of Book II): p. 74 – 86

Book IV, chapter XXIV: p. 205 – 208 (Story of Caedmon)

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