Wednesday, December 12, 2012


First the non-foodie gottatry:
Advent basket:

Natural Cleaners (baking soda sprinkled on the stove and squirted with a mix of white vinegar and dish soap is what I use to clean our stove top - it really gets the grunge off that this messy cook renews daily with spills and burnt food!):

Gingerbread doughnuts [A doughnut baking pan would be awesome.  I wonder if they make in stainless steel?]:

Candy cane lemons (how cool!):

Easy eggs baked in oven (each in muffin cup):

Peppermint Bark (I will sub canola with palm shortening and probably make single layer):

Toffee/chocolate bar! Yum.  I was thinking about coming up with a recipe for this and was thrilled to see this:

Banana oatmeal (looks good!):

Chocolate almond bark (has link to make own coconut butter for recipe):

Soaked sugar cookies:

English muffin bread (2 loaves):

Christmas bundt cake:

Easy Panir cheese:

Easy Ricotta cheese:

One more!  Cream cheese cut-out cookies:

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