Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent: O Antiphons ~ Jesse Tree Link

O Antiphons:

We've done the O Antiphons for a few years now but as I was googling to find the original resource I used I came across this neat site with the songs for each along with a sort of devotional and personal reflection for each day.  If you are not familiar with the O Antiphons, just think of the song O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.  These prayers were used in the 7th or 8th century and have continued since then.

The original resource I've used for years has some food ideas for each prayer/day.  Here are some great links with food ideas:

Here is the beautiful, wonderful printable that I use:

Foods I want to have ready to start on Dec. 17th (separated by O Antiphon day):

- Gold coins with the symbol for that day on it for each day (organic choc coins? homemade coins, here, here, or HERE? homemade peppermint patties? Dollar Tree chocolate coins??)(There are chocolate coins and a few molds starting on this page at Amazon)
The printable for the O Antiphons gold coins are here [as well as the gold coins for St. Nicholas Day]:

- Blueberries, dark chocolate, eggs, fish(?), maybe these  cute fig newton books (using an all natural brand like Barbara's Bakery or others found here  (check ingredients), or homemade bars - I have fig puree in the freezer)

- Cookies in the shape of the tablets, chips/salsa, make our gingerbread house this day?  (maybe eat dinner in the tent?) (We use to make our gingerbread houses from scratch but have been using kits the last several years. Time for homemade again?

- Stew with carrots/potatoes (or mashed potatoes); drink natural root beer :) (we like Blue Sky or Hansen )

- Unshelled pistachios, peanuts, or pecans; key lime cookies (recipe here); we like Lara Bars for traveling snacks so maybe a key lime Lara Bar!

- Oranges, "sun" with toast and honey (toast cut in strips and set up like rays on a plate with a dab of honey in the middle)

- Cookies in wreath/crown shapes (use wreath tip from press-out cookie gun) (or cut slices of fruit bread with circle in center like a wreath/crown).

- Birthday cake for Jesus on the 23rd.

Jesse Tree:

Domestic Church has a direct link now for the Jesse Tree ornaments.  I printed the pdf, the children colored them, then I laminated them.  We have used these simple ones for years.  You can see how humble mine is here.  It is a treasured tradition.

 There are many Jesse Tree resources at Amazon here.

 By one of the co-founders of Domestic Church (where I got my printable):


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