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Ancient Rome Part 3 (Plans)

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Here is a link for my plans that I am using with my high schoolers.  It works well for us to have a unit sketched out and divided into what we will do together and what they are responsible for doing independently.  Although I listed the spine as a read-aloud, they ended up just reading and doing the questions on their own at the beginning of the unit.  I actually gave them a copy of these plans; especially since it has all of the books and assignments listed.

... I just found a typo but I honestly doubt I'll go back and fix it at this point so, please overlook any faults!  Some of my notes may not make any sense :).  If this is the case, please don't hesitate to ask me.  The books that the students read are posted in my Ancient Rome Part 2 (Books) post.  Resources that I used are posted below.  If you would like to see what links I gave the children for use with the unit, you can see them in my post Ancient Rome Part 1 (Links) (under 'Other Work' in the plans they are to 'Visit the Roman Links sent through e-mail.').

Another thing you'll notice is that The Aeneid is spread out within the plans.  I have Julius Caesar plans for Shakespeare's play but they are printed separately and we won't begin that until they are done with The Aeneid.  They are choosing to read the whole thing even though I only required Book 9 (together) and Book 1.  I'm glad I let them "decide" because it gives them more ownership in their learning.  Of course, it helps that they can only answer some of the key concept questions if they have read the whole work :).

Please remember that this is for personal use only.  It is for free use but please share the link to the blog post instead of just the doc link when passing it along to others.  Any small donations are welcome and go directly to dc's 4-H projects (use the button in the upper left margin).

In the Hands of a Child has an Ancient Rome lapbook all ready for you.  Silly me... I bought one when it was on a super sale a few years ago... and wouldn't you know that I totally forgot to use it in our Rome studies!! Argh!!  So, now that I've remembered in the middle of our studies we'll pull some things from it for them to document some of what they are learning from all of those great books.  Since one dd is lapbooking history (the 11th grader) and the other is notebooking it (the 10th grader), this will work out fine.  I just love HOAC lapbooks!!  It's $12 at this time for the e-book:

A Journey through Learning has a lapbook for Ancient Rome also:

Here are most of the resources mentioned in the plans:

Sparknotes: The Aeneid Themes, Motifs, and Symbols:

Sparknotes summary and analysis of The Aeneid Book 1:

Sparknotes Quiz on The Aeneid: 

Suggested essay topics:

Character List/Descriptions:

Key Facts worksheet for The Aeneid (this is the answer key; I made another without the answers for them to fill in; then we went over together):

Aeneid Quiz:

Easy Timeline Creator:

M. Wittmann's article “The Martyrs of Ancient Rome":
I can't find her article anywhere, but here is a link to her unit ideas:

Ancient Civilizations (McDonald Publishing):

History Pockets: Ancient Civilizations (it says gr.1-3 but I like the graphics and such for lapbook mini-books):


 All Ye Lands:

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