Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ancient Rome Part 2 (Books)

What's Schoolin'?

Here are some of the books that we are using for our studies of Ancient Rome.  Currently they are reading The Aeneid by Virgil (Warning: it's a bit gory!  Boys may love it!).  I have several literature lessons embedded in my Rome unit for it [Book 9 and Book 1 are the required books but they want to read all of it].  I listed the links they will use in Part 1 (which includes some lit excerpts) and will upload the lesson plans in Part 3.

Note:  This is for my high schoolers.  Youngest is not doing Rome right now.

The Aeneid for Boys and Girls (they read this before the original Aeneid)

 The Aeneid by Virgil

Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

Cicero's The Republic and The Law (2 separate books that I have in one binding)

 St. Athanasius (Tan Books)

Lives of the Later Caesars (Penguin Classics)

Constantine biography

St. Helen of the Cross (Constantine's mother)
[Here is a link:]

The Children's Plutarch (Tales of the Romans)

Horrible Histories:  The Rotten Romans

Lost Civilizations:  Ancient Romans

Understanding People in the Past:  The Ancient Romans

The Human Adventure:  Greek and Roman Civilization

Oxford Profiles:  Ancient Romans (especially Constantine and Theodosius the Great)

Detectives in Togas

The Spear or The Restless Flame by de Wohl (The Spear is excellent; I haven't read the other yet)

Pocket Dictionary of Roman Emperors

Eusebius:  The History of the Church

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