Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yesterday's Classics Awesome Sale ~ Ends Today!!

What's Schoolin'?

This was posted on one of the homeschool loops.  225 kindle or EPUB books for $45.  These are really amazing books.  Read the whole blurb here:


There are many of these books that I would love to have right now for our upcoming Rome unit and Middle Ages unit.

The above link would be good to peruse just to see the titles and get ideas.  You can read them free online at the Baldwin Project as well.  You can get individual titles as paperback books or kindles (or EPUB) here:


What's Cookin'?

Beans and rice; beans and rice; beans and rice.

We are loving the organic small red beans from Azure Standard.  Even dh mentioned how good they are!  They are also the cheapest bulk organic beans I've seen.  I cooked some overnight in the crockpot and the dc gobbled them up at breakfast (they were not *meant* for breakfast but whenever some are freshly cooked they dive into them!).  So... I started soaking some more to cook tonight.  I'm out of lemon juice so I put in a dash of raw apple cider vinegar.  That should work - my hands will tell me if it worked or not.

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