Saturday, July 21, 2012

Even More on British Literature...

I'm almost ready to post the booklist that goes along with the British Literature curriculum we'll be using (There are newer versions here and here and this one here and here looks awesome - I'm not sure if it's the same or different since it hasn't yet been released).  I just need to add some Belloc and Chesterton that is not included (and I noticed that the above curr says that Tolkien is a "Theist"... uh... he was Catholic and instrumental in C.S. Lewis' conversion to Christianity).  I may also add in Shaw and Wilde (and maybe Greene).

Anyway... while looking around for a good sampling of Hilaire Belloc I came across this title that intrigues me:

The Great Heresies:

On Something looks interesting and is a free Kindle download:

 And then there is On Nothing and Kindred Subjects (also free download):

I just put The Crusades in my wishlist and will look for it at the library or as a free download and he has another about the French Revolution:

 This is the main page for his books on Amazon: Hilaire Belloc

Regarding Chesterton... I have a Father Brown Mystery book and want to get a copy of Heretics.  There are so many choices for Chesterton.  Here is the main page for his books: Chesterton

I also noticed a lack of George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde (unless it is slipping my memory!).  I'll have to preview to see if they are appropriate but here are some works by George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde (who was a late convert). I'm also looking into Graham Greene.

Wow, as soon as I finish reading and previewing To Kill a Mockingbird I have lots more reading to do!  So far I think To Kill a Mockingbird is really good but I'm reading it with dread thinking that something really bad is about to happen...  Sometimes I forget that I'm "previewing" books for my dc and get too engrossed to keep an eye out for things :).

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