Saturday, July 7, 2012

Free Texas Lapbook ~ Quilt ideas

There were some wildfires near our house yesterday.  When we left to go run errands I almost went back for the dogs but emergency vehicles were working on it (for the second time on one of them) and I talked with the people at the gas station (they always know what's going on!) and things were under control.  This morning when I took the dogs out you could really smell the wet, burnt grass.  Amplify the smell of a doused camp fire n times.  Youngest dd's fears during firecrackers on the 4th of July were well-founded, even though I downplayed it for her sake (she and I snuggled up to read Little Town in the Ozarks (Little House) while everyone else went outside to watch all of the neighbors' shows).  We could really use some rain!  It's so early to be this dry.

Anyway, enough of real Texas living on the prairie and on to the lapbook :).

What's Schoolin'?

I found this wonderful free Texas symbols lapbook and will be using it with youngest dd.  She's finishing up the Regions of Texas accordion books and I want to have the regions and symbols in one double-sided lapbook apart from the  history ones.

Books listed for the lapbook are posted below to make them easy to find (and any Amazon shopping through any of the links, even if they are different products is very, very much appreciated!).

Actual pdfs:

Links I need to remember:

Tune for Yellow Rose of Texas:

Texas Declaration of Independence:

Short synopsis of the Alamo:

San Jacinto monument:

Battle of San Jacinto:

Sam Houston:


This is not on her list but I used it this year and it was perfect for our needs:

What's Sewin'?

All year I have wanted to make a Texas Symbols quilt with dd and it hasn't happened yet.  At first I was going to use iron-on transfers of symbols I found online.  Too fiddly for my life right now (by the way, I am NOT a quilter so I have to come up with methods that probably make real quilters cringe - sorry!!)  I think the only option for us is to use a screen-printed fabric.  Then we will either knot it or sew it - depending on whether or not our machines are working.  [Taking out the machines in on our summer list.  Middle dd is our resident sewing expert.  Years ago she made a huge Texas paper pattern to use to make a Texas quilt (with symbol appliques) but it never got beyond that.]  Simple is good for me!  Here are some ideas:

This is close to middle dd's original idea years ago:

Embroidered symbols:

This is simply amazing:

Drum roll... This is the fabric I plan on getting.  Youngest dd will be doing the work with some guidance so that she can call it hers.  Hopefully she'll want to enter it into some contests:

What's Organizin'?

Check out the organized trunk!!  This would never work for me, but isn't it beautiful??  Every time I get the van the way I want it we have to pull things out to put seats down or whatever and I get very discouraged.  At this point I've quit trying.  Sad but true.

Any small referral fees from any of the links help to support our homeschool and my health supplements.

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