Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Homeschoolroom" Pictoral Inspirations

We don't even have our house yet, much less an organized schoolroom, so these are certainly not from me!  As I was looking online for inspiration I thought I would share a few finds.  There are lots of wonderful Montessori schoolroom blogs with ideas for youngers.  I will post a few of those.  I'm struggling with how I want it to look/work for older students (youngest is 4th; oldest is 10th) while maintaining the free choice shelf work aspect.  It will be out in the open (as opposed to a separate school room as it was in our old house) so I would love for it to look nice as well.

The dc will have desks in their rooms to stay (somewhat) organized but we'll come together in the "dining" room for the most part; although they've always been free to work wherever they please for independent work - even outside.  Also in that "dining" area we'll have some type of shelving/storage for shelf work.  It's the dichotomy of wanting the works to be visible but not wanting the works to be visible ;).  The geography works are the most challenging because our pin maps are oversized.  I've been window shopping for several weeks and it's been fun dreaming.

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