Wednesday, July 6, 2011


It's been quite a while since I've done this.  Here are my "Gottatries" from Kelly's Real Food Wednesday:

Easy chicken strips:  Dredge chicken in egg; then dust or coat with flour mix:

Summer squash sauteed with meat for a skillet meal:

Garlic sourdough crackers [note to self - look at her root cellar post]:

Walnut/pea veggie dip (if I remember right walnuts help with the production of acetylcholine - or is it seratonin?  I knew I shouldn't have read both chapters on the same day from the brain book I'm reading!!):

Check out the links for drinks (we really, really like our fermented lemonade and use minimal sugar):

Oh, so THAT'S what you do with kohlrabi!:

Meatballs over turnip-parsnip mash:

Simple banana ice cream.  One dd recently said she will never eat bananas again (long story) but this may entice her:

I found that our homemade crepes froze and reheated really well, and I hope to plant mint and strawberries again, so this is a great combo:

Easy ice cream:  fruit, real cream (frozen), a tad of sweetener like honey, and blend:

I always forget to make sloppy joes and the family loves them.  Here's a variation:

Crispy almond pancakes:

Easy Meltable Cheese (calls for 1-1/2 gallons clabbered milk so I'll have to adjust proportions to lessen the recipe)(ingredients are clabbered milk, butter, sour cream, salt, baking soda) :

[I had to stop here at 52 :(  Life calls...][There are many more great recipes and links - check out the GM papaya link]

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