Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chore Chart

I used this template from Donna Young's site to make a document for my own use.  I liked the format but it wasn't typable (is that a real word??).

Her original:

For my chart I will change the font colors for kitchen duty, bathroom duty, and pets/M's helper to match their names that I will type in the top right corner.  That way their daily rotating duties will be color coordinated with their names.  The chores in the "everybody" column will remain in black.  The second page will be separate... maybe near the bathroom mirror or inside their bedroom doors??

An aside:  all three dc help out on laundry day; Sundays have a different cycle [I tried not rotating it for a day of rest but it wasn't working out and was less peaceful than just alternating Sunday responsibilities]; I have the zones posted separately (on an index card that I tape in a prominent place in the kitchen) which rotate by week.

This is the first year for dd-9 to be in the rotation - we added the Pets/M's Helper chore category so we can rotate evenly.

My file as a .doc:

My file as .odt:

And as a pdf:


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