Monday, July 18, 2011

Free Online Lesson Planner

What's Schoolin'?

Free Online High School Courses:

Lesson Planner:

Here is a free online lesson planner that worked really really well for me... when I used it :).

It worked great with the way I plan units, Montessori presentations, or teacher directed lessons. I liked it better than the the basic (free) Homeschool Tracker due to its flexibility and ease of use.  Setting up the courses the first time takes a while as you learn and input.  The following years it was pretty quick to set up new courses.

A few quirks:
I don't care about the times and didn't use it for a schedule, but I DID want the courses printed in the weekly schedule in order of presentation.  Well, it alphabetizes when you print them all out for the week (within each day) so to solve this problem, when you name your course start with the number.  For example, I named math:  1.Math; 2.Writing, etc. If you use scheduled times when you set up the courses this may not be an issue.

You can print by the month, week, or day.  You can print out an assignment sheet for each child as well.

You can use it to keep records of what the child DID instead of planning.

You can plan each subject out as far as you want independently of the others.  This was the major selling point for me.  I don't plan weekly well.  When I'm on a roll with a topic I want to keep going.  Others I tried wanted me to plan each subject for the week.  That's not how my mind works; especially since I don't really follow many curr with just inputing page numbers.  I have to actually write what we'll do or at least the materials. 

If you skip school one day (field trip, illness, etc) you can push everything forward, which is nice.  However, if you just want to push one subject forward because you didn't get to it, you can't.  Maybe it's improved since then.  I am looking forward to checking on that aspect and trying it again this year.  Remember:  It's free!

Some more free online planners:

Years ago when I looked through millions of lesson planning (software and/or online) I found and liked this one.  They even had a conference call with me and led me through it:
What's Cookin'?

Free samples from Bragg's:

Here are some bone broth links:

I have *got* to get my hands on some bison bones!  I can't afford the meat but maybe some bones.  That's what I do with organic free range chickens - I just get the bones instead of the meat.

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