Monday, January 11, 2010


I meant this title regarding youngest dd's math (as in: dynamic addition) but it actually applies to most areas of my life right now as well, lol. Here is a definition for "regrouping" that I found online: "reorganize: organize anew, as after a setback."(

~I have to admit that I enjoyed the junk food this holiday season (even if it made me feel yuck and affected my overall healing/health!) but it is time to chunk it all - or at least most of it.

~It's also time to refocus on lesson plans; although with their enrichment classes I'm only left with math, reading, grammar and spelling. Regardless, we still do history and montessori shelf work because we can't let it go. I have had a hard time letting go of the bulk of teaching but at the same time I love every curriculum choice that the enrichment programs have made.
~It's time to regroup in my spiritual life as well and get back on track. As I pray for a renewal in our country I include myself!
~Our schedule needs some definite tweaking to include the dreaded maintenance of the progress made during the holidays regarding the home. I still have a lot of decluttering/organizing to do.

~I also need to regroup our food choices and prep time.

Gee, have I left anything out?? Now on to regrouping in Math!

Regrouping (Dynamic Addition)

Youngest dd transitioned into abstraction with regrouping (exchanging) in addition very smoothly. I started her out playing Race for a Flat (directions are in a previous post). The next day we did some problems on a little chalk board using the Base 10 Blocks. I used colored chalk to write the numbers so they would correlate with montessori place value colors but not necessary, I guess. Near the end I mixed in some problems with no regrouping and did a few that went into the hundreds place (but only exchanged in the ones place). Today I gave her the practice page from her regular curriculum that had a couple of dynamic addition problems mixed in with everything else. She did fine and later did the quiz smoothly. By the way, I passed over the lessons in her math curr teaching regrouping and did the above instead.

I need to go through the cards that I have out on the shelves to make sure they fit her level and that there are some dynamic in there.

Next related concept: Exchanging in the tens extension
Next materials related to this concept: Dot Game; Stamp Game
Materials not related to this concept that she's familiar with but I want to revisit and move forward with other concepts/materials: Hundreds Board; 100 and 1000 Chains

What's Cookin'?

-The dehydrator is busy right now with almonds, peanuts, almond mush for flour, and breakfast cereal.
-I getting ready to make up the batch of bread dough for the week but I need to remember to use it for 3 loaves instead of 4. In the meantime I'm really going to enjoy eating avocado on my special treat of sprouted 7-grain bread from Sprouts today for lunch. It was the only one on sale (either sprouted or organics) that I could eat - sheesh.
-More than cooking today I need to: clean out the fridge; organize the freezers (I am sooo thankful for the overflow freezer and can't wait to make good use of it!); make a menu, which is more a list of meals than daily plans; and organize the cupboard in the kitchen/overflow shelf in the garage.
-Later in the week I'll make granola bars and almond crackers for lunches. I'm going to try using parmesan cheese in the crackers this time.

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