Saturday, November 14, 2009

Going Bananas

Kroger has bananas on sale for $0.39/pound this week. So, I went a little bananas :) and got 15 pounds. Does it sound a little overboard? It's not really, just 3 produce bags full (okay, bulgingly full).

What does one do with so many bananas?

1. We've been doing the obvious: eating them.

2. I put a bunch (or maybe it was two bunches!) in the dehydrator. Actually, I think 11 sliced bananas fit in the trays. That left one tray for the soaked almonds and one tray for almond 'mush' that will become almond flour [I'm waiting for the almond mush to finish drying so I can use that tray for breakfast cereal that is ready to crumble]. The dc really like dried banana chips for their lunches or on-the-go snacks. Lately I've been noticing "banana flavoring" on dried bananas in the stores. What? Do bananas not have enough banana flavor? I haven't found any lately without that or without sulphur dioxide so we just make them. As a side note though, I DID find some salty plantain chips with just oil and salt -mmmmm.

3. We'll freeze some to use for smoothies.

4. Have you ever tried sliced banana drizzled with a bit of honey? What about baked bananas? Fried lightly in a bit of butter sprinkled with cinnamon?

5. If any last beyond the perfect ripeness we may make banana bread or banana pancakes.

The down side: I'm allergic to bananas and can't eat them! I may have gotten over my allergy by now but I just stay clear anyway. Good for the dc though.

School Materials:

The Europe map is colored and laminated. Next step: glue to foam board (instructions for making pin maps is in the works).


  1. You say Kroger so I'm assuming you're near a Jungle Jims. Unless you buy only organic this won't yippe skippy you, but Jungle Jims has conventional banannas all the time for like .29. The 3 times we've been there...29cents. They're in a 15lb box though! ;) BUT!!! They make great smoothies, breads, snacks during summer, & dehydrated. They're also YUMMY baked on a grill. We're vegan so many find it weird our grill grills fruit & veggies! But, they're YUMMYYYY!

  2. Honey,

    Baked on a grill, huh? That sounds good! No Jungle Jims but that's an excellent price. I'm finding that 15 pounds is manageable once in a while. Bananas are one of the foods that I don't buy organic.

    I'm thinking of dragging out the seal-a-meal and packing some that way for longer-term storage and maybe tossing that bag in the freezer. Have you ever frozen dehydrated bananas?

    Thanks for your comment!