Thursday, November 5, 2009

Catching up

This week has been busy with catching up on Science Fair projects, catching up with go-along activities for Little House in the Big Woods, catching up with laundry, catching up with the garden project, catching up with kitchen work/food prep, and catching up with catching up! Oh, and throw in a sick day. Hopefully the weekend will include catching up on sleep and recreation :).

**I feel so honored... The author I blogged about, Robert Elmer, left a comment on my blog!!! What a nice man. I hope he keeps writing and writing more books for our youngsters. Scroll to the comments section to read it here:

Quote of the Day:

"If I were two-faced, would I being wearing this one?"-- Abraham Lincoln :)

The Garden:

I put together one of the raised beds for the garden today, yeah! It only took about 20 minutes since it was already cut (they do free cuts at Lowe's). Unfortunately I got the wrong kind of wood. I think we may have some non-toxic lacquer in the garage that I used on some children's furniture a long time ago. I'll give it a once-over with that for good measure. The one I put together today is 1x5 feet and will be the strawberry bed. Tomorrow I hope to lacquer it, set it out, and start layering in it. Hopefully by Sunday or Monday I can transplant the strawberries.

We're still struggling with the asp infestation. I'll spray again this weekend - which means it will rain the next day! That's been the pattern every time I spray.

What's Cookin'?

- I have 4 whole pumpkins roasting in the oven. I've never done this before so I hope it works!! I have 3 more that I'll try cutting in half, cleaning out, then baking and then I can see which method I prefer. However, if this way works out then I may just do the others the same - it was sooo easy. My only question about this way is whether or not the seeds are good for anything after being cooked inside the pumpkin as opposed to being scooped out before cooking and dried/roasted separately.

- chicken bone broth is in the crockpot

- We made sweet potato french fries for dinner tonight. It wasn't cooking fast enough in the oven (because I started too late) so I ended up dumping them into a pan and finishing them on the stove. Delicious.

- Serves me right... I gave in and got some onion rings at Sonic this afternoon. Sure enough, it must've had some corn meal in the batter because my hands are now bleeding (sigh). I knew not to get their tater tots but secretly hoped I could get away with the onion rings. They sure were tasty.


  1. Do you have a corn allergy? My children do too. (And, this sounds weird, but...) Cool! Someone else who knows the pain of the 100 different names of corn! ;)

    BTW...really enjoying your blog. You've got to be in Cincy or Dayton...

  2. I'm not technically allergic to corn, but rather the aflatoxin and such. I can eat corn on the cob but not any corn meal or corn oil (including corn chips, tortilla chips, tortillas, etc). My hands start bleeding and it's really painful. I can't eat commercial beans for the same reason.

    I have recently discovered, however, that I can eat home-prepared beans (happy dance!) using the Nourishing Traditions prep method. I can also use Masarina that has been soaked in lime prior to packaging (but that's GMO and another story).

    I gave in (again) and got waffle fries at Chick-fil-A. They use peanut oil. I had no reaction.

    Thanks for the encouragement!