Saturday, October 24, 2015

Oven-Baked Chimichangas

What's Cookin'?

I used THIS recipe for inspiration and adjusted to our needs/ingredients/leftovers.  This made a double-batch of filling so I am using THIS recipe for inspiration for chicken enchiladas with the remainder filling.


2 cups pre-cooked rice (I try to keep some in the freezer for faster meals)
2 pre-cooked, diced chicken breasts (also from my freezer)
1/3 C chopped vegetables (I used Cascadian organic Swiss chard from... the freezer)
1/4 jar of green chile sauce (Herdez is not organic but has real ingredients and is in glass)
6 tortillas (thawed earlier from... the freezer)
2-3 TBL butter (yes, I keep that in the freezer, too!)
Oil/shortening (small amount - enough for ingredients to not stick to the pan)


1. Heat oil/shortening in a pan and mix together the rice, chicken, greens or leftover vegetables of your choice, chili sauce.  You may need to add a bit of water.

2. Put approximately 3 tablespoons down the center of each tortilla.  Wrap them up chimichanga-style:  fold the 2 short ends over the filling and fold the longer ends overlapping the short ends with one long side over the other.  Put seam side down on a baking dish or pizza pan with about 1 inch between chimichangas.  Melt the butter and generously brush all around the outside of each chimichanga.

3. Bake at 400F for 10-15 minutes or until barely beginning to brown.

4. Serve with fresh salad or fruit and more chili sauce or sour cream.


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