Saturday, October 31, 2015

All Hallows Eve

What's Schoolin'/Celebratin'?

Today is what most people celebrate as Halloween.  We celebrate All Hallows Eve and focus on studying/celebrating the saints.  This year it will be oh-so-simple due to oh-so-many constraints but this is what we have planned.

Halo cake:  This was dd's brilliant idea as we thought about what we had on-hand.  We just happen to have a cake in the freezer begging to be decorated and eaten.

Halos: We'll enjoy some Halo clementine oranges for snack.

St. Lucy's Eyes:  Grapes - morbid, I know!

St. Francis' Guessing Jar: A jar filled with Annie's cheddar bunnies [See THIS post that inspired this idea].

Movies:  We've checked out several saint biographies from the local library AND Amazon Prime has quite a few for free download for Prime members.  I'll update later with a list of what we watched/checked out/discovered.

This was amazing - I learned so much!

All Soul's Day [Dia de los Muertos]:

HERE is a quick recipe for Soul Cakes

Pray for Us November candy/treat bags:  From THIS blog.

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