Saturday, July 20, 2013

Methylation Cycle Made Easy

Here are 4 short videos that explain the Methylation Cycle.  I have tried and struggled to understand this.  It's so complicated that it's overwhelming!  Why do I care?  Why should you?  Well, the meth cycle affects many of our body functions.  For me the main issue is toxicity due to the effects of long-term infections.  While undergoing Lyme Disease and co-infections treatment I suffered as much from the treatment as the disease.  The pediatric dose of common antibiotics were super hard for me to handle.  It wasn't the drug - I had taken them plenty of times throughout life - it was the overload of dead Borrelia and other toxins from the die-off.  I could never detox well.  Now I know that my genetic mutations (which my Lyme Dr. found) specifically affect detoxing.  I think I would have handled treatment much better and had a better quality of life for me and my kids during those years if we had properly addressed those mutations. 

I've been researching the Methylation Cycle and gene mutations off and on (mostly off!) for several months now.  I hope to reach a point soon when I'm ready to deal with these issues.  I'd like to have a good grasp of it and some info to take to my doctor.

There are some diagrams and explanations for specific pathways here:

Dr. Yasko's site is extremely helpful and she has had success treating children with Autism.  You can download the book Autism: Pathways to Recovery for free on the home page.  I believe that is where she lists specific supplements for specific gene mutations.

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