Thursday, July 25, 2013


What's Schoolin'?

Here is a great (free) Study Guide for Beowulf.  I like that it has background knowledge and vocabulary; plus there are before reading, during reading (active reading), and after reading questions for sections of the book.  The only drawback... no answer key.  Since I had just previewed the book and could answer the questions it worked out okay, though.

What's Cookin'?

Here is a must-see movie:  Genetic Roulette.  I watched it when they had a free viewing and my older children watched it also (they usually drift in whenever I watch something food-related).  You can rent it for $2.99.

Here is a non-GMO Shopping Guide:

I keep the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen in my purse but that's related to pesticides, not GMOs.  I have been noticing "Non-GMO Project" on some of products I buy (like non-organic frozen blueberries that are more like transitional produce).

Purchasing anything through affiliate links helps to support our homeschool - thanks!

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