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Middle Ages [Part 2] ~ Printables and Such

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I posted books and internet sources to support the study of the Middle Ages ~ Medieval Europe at a previous post [click HERE to see the compilation of books/links].

This post mostly focuses on printables.  I was looking for lapbooking/notebooking pages and other extensions for my olders.  I don't adhere to "grade levels" for these kinds of works and use a variety of leveled works for my high schoolers and late elementary students (also known as my children :) ).  For example, the Magna Carta is the Magna Carta is the Magna Carta whether you study it on a 4th grade level or an 11th grade level.  I can go deeper in discussion with the olders while still using a 4th grade printout (which I am really using).

So, here are some printable helps for studying The Middle Ages in Europe...

~Stuck in The Middle Ages [4th Gr unit]

~ This Middle Ages lapbook from In the Hands of a Child is currently on sale for $9.99 [grades 5-12].  I love their products.
[Make sure to check out the quarterly freebies at HOAC's homepage!
http://www.handsofachild.com/ ]

~ Robin Hood printables! Here are notebooking/lapbooking pages and more.  I need to look at this in more detail since we will be reading Robin Hood soon.
I especially like the printables of: Blank Character Sketch Sheet and Conflict Worksheet

~The Whipping Boy lapbook:

~Castle printables:

~For Fun!

Crossword and word search:

~ Printables for olders (could be folded into mini-books for lapbooks)(I like the specific word searches and informational pages)

~ Medieval printables (press the next arrow).  I especially like the parts of armor, bookmarks/pencil toppers, and the word search:

Some Middle Ages resources from Homeschool Share:
~ Unit study based on Crossing the New Bridge:
From here I am printing:
Layer book for Early, High, Late Middle Ages
Book of Hours accordion book
Medieval occupations
Gothic architecture
~ Knight lapbook here: http://www.homeschoolshare.com/knights_lapbook.php
[from level 3]
How to become a knight
Code of chivalry
Why did knights fight?
Bible verse/pocket (armor of God)
I don't believe it! [maybe use these pictures for booklets of famous knights in literature]
Protecting the castle
Book Log (just list title/author)\
~ From this lapbook http://www.homeschoolshare.com/valentine_cat.php :
Medieval jobs

More from Homeschool Share:
~ Castle Diary-based unit:
~ The Apple and the Arros-based unit:
~ This has printables for book reviews and a list of books:

Flash cards (in color):

Some related printables from Enchanted Learning:

Viking information:
Viking Lapbook (see chapter components for printables):

This has a lot of links by topic.  Not a printable but I don't want to lose the link :).


A Journey through Learning commercial lapbook:

Knowledge Box Central commercial lapbook:

I will most likely make some sort of printable for them to make literature extensions for the lit we are reading in depth with our studies [so far:  Venerable Bede; Augustine Came to Kent; Song of Roland; Canterbury Tales; Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.  Still to go: Joan of Arc (Twain); Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (Twain); Medieval Plays; Robin Hood; King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table; History of the Franks by Saint Gregory of Tours; and a bunch more - guess we'll need to make some choices!].  I will probably make a cover for each to have mini-books to have for each extension.  By the way, a note about all of this lit:  Some will count for World Lit, some for British Lit, and some for American Lit (and even for Church History in the case of St. Gregory's book).  It's jumbled to fit with our history studies but is separated out in their Lit binders.  Clear as mud?? :)

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