Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top 12 Montessori Posts in 2012

Being an eclectic living blog, not every post is about school.  Of those about school, not every post is about Montessori... or are they??  Just how DOES Montessori look for a mixed aged group of 11, 15 (almost 16!), and 17 year olds??

Even what looks like regular curriculum has a Montessori aspect in our school: our daughters are involved in the choices and are actively engaged in directing their learning.  Right now, middle dd is in a sensitive period for driver's ed (seriously, she's excited about it right now, but just like other things, if we let this time slide by without meeting her readiness then her willingness and excitement will be gone)... time goes by waaay too quickly!  I still remember her enthusiasm for the bead bar works (sigh).

Another high school example: we are headed back to Teaching Textbooks for the rest of Algebra 1 because we tried Life of Fred and it is not a match for dd.  So, on the surface it looks like just a curriculum choice.  The Montessori slant is that dd was very involved in that decision as we explored and defined her learning style and needs.  No, I'm not thrilled to be buying back the same set that I just sold several months ago to get the new curriculum (Life of Fred) that didn't work out; however, it's just what we need to do to have dd's prepared environment for Math right now.

That said, these are the most popular posts that have a definite Montessori focus :).  Enjoy!

Hands down the most popular Montessori post was this one in which I shared my 3-Part Card Template.  What wonderful works have you all made with these?

3-Part Card Template:

Prime Numbers:


Detective Adjective Game:


Montessori Globes:

Regions of Texas:

Binomial and Trinomial video links:

Plate Tectonics:

General Geography Works:

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