Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lit-Mont Learning Resources Sample Files

What's Schoolin'?

Here are 2 sample files from my humble little online shop Lit-Mont Learning Resources...

The concept is to merge Montessori-style 3-Part Cards with children's literature.  I absolutely love literature. I absolutely love Montessori.  Why not combine the two??  This concept can work in regular classrooms to support literature even if it is not a Montessori environment.  This concept can expand an existing Montessori environment to support literature.  Either teaching style/learning environment wins!

I've waited and waited (4 years!) for "perfection" before offering any of these files for sale.  Meanwhile, children are getting older and outgrowing the phase in which they would benefit.  So, setting my perfection aside, I'm going to try to figure out some way to get them online so children in home, public, and private schools can enjoy using these support materials.

This file is for sequence cards that go along with Mercer Mayer's Just Me and My Dad.  Cost is $3 and can be payed via Paypal using the donation button at the top of the sidebar.  Once paid I will send you the pdf file without the 'sample' watermark.  If you need it sent to an e-mail other than the one that shows up in paypal, you can put it in the paypal comments or e-mail me.

This really simple file is for Parts of a Tree.  The cost is only $1 (mainly because I'm not happy with some of the shading)!

If there is enough interest I would LOVE to make more of these and it would be worth my clipart subscription to know that people are enjoying these materials.  My children had already outgrown this phase when I started making them :( but with over 20 years teaching experience and Reading background I feel confident that these will add to any learning environment.

I also have files for some other Mercer Mayer books and several Eric Carle books.

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