Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Plans~Records Form

What's Schoolin'?

I don't know if this idea is of any use to anyone, but just in case :)...
After spending waaaay too much time online looking for just the right form to suit our needs with my olders I made this page that has a week's worth of work done (or plans) on one page.  Depending on how many times or hours they need to spend on a subject, I made that many boxes.  We will probably use it both as a record and planner.  For example, while discussing it with middle dd (10th grade)(who really liked the layout by the way!), she mentioned how she might write "history links" in a history block just to remind herself to do it; but otherwise she might just write in what she accomplished during an hour of independent (or together) history time.  Today they watched a video of Julius Caesar's biography and it would count for one hour for the week - it worked into our day but wasn't 'planned' for today necessarily (it was on my mental "holding pattern") so in that case the paper serves as a record instead of a plan.
Clear as mud? :)
The good thing is that the olders have the flexibility of fitting their work into the week however they want but still have the structure of what is recommended to achieve their goals of finishing coursework.  So, if dd is on a roll in Science and wants to work all morning on it then she can keep a log of it and do what works for her. 
I'll make up something similar for my youngest who approaches school differently than my olders.  Hers might have 3 blocks for 'shelf work' and 2 blocks for 'science presentations' or whatever... That's a project for tomorrow :).
Anyway, here is a link to the pdf in case it helps someone else organize their child's work or helps with planning.

Let me know if you need the open office version to make your own changes.

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