Friday, May 4, 2012

Flag Day is Coming!

Okay, so Flag Day isn't until June 14th but things have a way of sneaking up on me and catching me unprepared.

We were looking for flag info for an essay and came across this fantastic site.  I got lost in it, found my way back, and thought I would share the link with you all.  It could be used to make 3-part cards (if you click on a flag it opens to a new window with just the flag), pin map flags, just to search and get lost like I did :), or just about anything.

When I went to the El Salvador page, for example, (because I'm a bit partial, after all!) they had all of the departmental flags, military and civil flags, and even a Mayan flag.  I'm assuming they have a variety for other countries as well.

The US page has more than I could even begin to describe!  There are links for history, documents, military flags, state flags, etc.

More flag links:

Some of their links are dead but a great resource (and where I got the link to Flags of the World):

Red Skelton's version of the Pledge of Allegiance is also there:

Flag Day coloring pages:

Enchanted Learning:

Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids:

Don't have a flag?  Click below for some ideas.  I'm thinking we need one of the "high wind" flags - you wouldn't believe how windy it is out here on the prairie!!  Why bother with a hair-do?  It's either the "wind blown" look or a pony tail :).
United States Flags

Some books suitable for Flag Day (or any day, 'cuz... shouldn't every day be Flag Day? We try to fly ours daily):


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