Friday, March 30, 2012


What's Cookin'?

We accidentally added 2x the amount of molasses in the granola bar recipe so it was very liquidy and wouldn't cook right.  SO, I crumbled it up in the pyrex and slow cooked it at 200F, stirring it every 30 minutes, for a few hours to use as cold cereal.  Only about 1/4 survived the cooking though because they served it (still very, very moist and warm) for breakfast and just ate it with spoons without milk (milk on the side) and snacked on it several times!  So, if you goof a granola bar recipe, here's a food saver idea for you :).

What's Schoolin'?

[I will be adding to this next week but wanted to go ahead and get it up]

Here are some previous fraction posts:

Things I need to print:

I am doing a (dignified) happy dance because I just downloaded the fraction-decimal matching cards for US$0.99 from this page of fraction and decimal materials.  I still need to make some more cards for mixed numbers but this is a GREAT start:

I need to make some task cards for this (also posted below for presentations)(Aha!  There are some in the very back of the R and D Fractions manual-yeah-just need to print on cardstock)

Here are some fraction posts from other bloggers:

Here are some presentations or materials:

Here is a slideshow:

Here is a video:

~Here are some printables (there were some others that I would have used but a facebook login box came up and - believe it or not! - I don't facebook):

I like this template because each section is labeled.  It wouldn't work for some tasks (such as when you want the dc to find and label) but would be great for multiplying fractions when I want dd to be able to focus on the task and not verifying what each section is (several copies of each will be needed for that as well as for other 'dynamic' work with fractions).  I can see these printed on cardstock and in a tacklebox of some sort.  OR printed on regular paper, stuck to self-adhesive fun foam, and in a sorted box or tacklebox.

They have a color version also (I like to use black and white to save on ink and use colored paper):

Here are Lisia's Fraction Circle templates.  I think I used these a zillion years ago:

Here are some fraction products:

These are awesome - they come with the set of fraction circles (6 fraction rings and fraction circles)($7.75 plus shipping about $8!  Maybe check a teacher store?  I still think it would be worth the $16):
These are their rings without the fraction circles.  I would have to get a measurement to see if they would work with the ones I have from Learning Resources (mine DON'T work with the metal Montessori ones) ($3.95 plus shipping about $8 - might be worth the extra $3.80 to make sure to have a set of fraction circles that fit just right?):

This is what I wish I had at this very moment. We'll be doing fraction multiplication (hopefully next week) and I'll have to just print off and cut out some so that she can do problems such as 1/5 x 8 for improper answers that she will then simplify. These look great for moments such as these!


  1. Thanks! Unfortunately, my computer sort of crashed last night and I can't get online with it anymore. So, I won't be able to get back to this post to add to it as soon as I had planned or as much as I had hoped. I'll post when I get it updated with more resources.