Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Learning Resources Products on Sale

What's Schoolin'?

The girls and I took an hour for just reading during school yesterday.  We brought out half-finished books and half-unread books :) and some "unstarted" books that have been accumulating from history, literature, and for fun. It was quite a collection/pile! Dc's responses?  I'll quasi-quote one:  "Oh good!  I've been wanting to finish reading such-and-such and haven't had time."  Here are some that we had piled in the living room for our read-a-thon:

- Memories Before and After the Sound of Music: An Autobiography
- Mark Twain's Humorous Stories and Sketches
- Sherlock Holmes (I found this on the couch with a sticky note that said, "I'm watching you!" :)
- American Girl Molly Mystery
- Archimedes' biography
- Greek Myths
- The Boy's Book of Great Detective Stories (this is a collection from classic authors such as Poe, Chesterton, and Doyle)

That doesn't even scratch the surface of chicken book, cheese cookbook, and historical fiction books of my own that are stacked on the coffee table!

I'm thinking that we need another read-a-thon tomorrow... only... longer than just an hour!

Learning Resources items on sale at Amazon right now:

I looked for items that are at least 20% off and eligible for free shipping (with $25 purchase).  Learning Resources is one of my favorite companies for educational materials.

This Anatomy Bundle Model Set is 37% off:

This Pretend and Play School Set is 50% off:

This Sum Swamp addition and subtraction board game is 21% off:

These transparent counters are not on sale but at $5.30 for 250 they are still a good bargain. I've used these for many years with the hundred board for skip counting and multiples. They also come in handy for math counters and any number of things:

This Pretend and Play Fishing set is 40% off:

This Magnetic Learning Calendar is 36% off:

This Word Wiz Electronic Flash Card gizmo is 35% off:

This Cross Section Human Brain model is 25% off:

These Jumbo Test Tubes are 39% off:

What's Cookin'?

Piggy-backing off of my previous post about GMOs, here are some short and sweet (or rather short and sour!) videos regarding genetically modified foods:

Some Gottatries:

Basic sourdough recipe (I can't wait to get my sourdough started again!):

Broccoli and cheese mini-quiches:

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