Saturday, March 10, 2012


Cherry Almond Oatmeal Bars:  I'm going to go soak some oats so that I can cook them tomorrow just for this recipe!  I know I don't have 2 C of cherries left in the freezer but I have a little left and some frozen apples.

Audio regarding essential oils:

Sourdough tutorial videos:

Compilation of Kelly's Mexican Food recipes here (we use her fermented tortilla recipe for flour tortillas):

Whole Food Snacks You Can Pack.  Includes chocolate peanut butter monkey bars; almond butter protein bar; roasted red pepper hummus; yam chips; 3 berry scones; almond power bars; walnut feta cheese dip; dried cherry almond biscotti; chocolate chip walnut protein cookies:

Worchestershire Suace (I have seen frozen tamarind pulp in 2 different grocery stores in a corner of the regular frozen section):

Creepy (VERY creepy):

What's Cookin'?

I have almonds and peanuts soaking to dehydrate tomorrow.  I'm also making peppermint patties for dd's birthday (a surprise gift) and a lemon cake per her request with butter icing.  She wants homemade flour tortillas for tacos for her birthday dinner so I need to go soak that also.

If you are looking for some unbleached parchment paper, here are a few leads.  I've started getting mine from Azure Standard since our local drug store quit carrying unbleached.  I never thought to check Amazon :).

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