Saturday, February 18, 2012

Laminators, Art Supplies; Solar System Set on Sale

What's Schoolin'?

I usually get things laminated at Mardel for 25 cents per foot.  However, that's not always convenient and many don't have access to affordable laminating.  I've seen laminators discussed on various homeschooling groups so I thought I would post these sales that caught my eye:

Scotch Thermal laminator - 62% off and free shipping:

Scotch Thermal Laminator Combo Pack - 42% off and free shipping:

Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator - 23% off and free shipping:

I also found this 80 Piece Art Set - 54% off:

Here are some Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils (24) - 56% off:

This Learning Resources Inflatable Solar System Set is now officially on my wishlist :) - 48% off and it says free shipping on the side bar:

What's Cookin'?

I've been sick this week (sigh)... but bone broth in the refrigerator saved me!  It hit suddenly and I certainly wouldn't have had time to make broth (or even go by the store and buy some if I still bought broth).  I happened to have 3 quarts already made and in the fridge.  I dumped a quart in a little crock pot with 2 smooshed cloves of fresh garlic and a bunch of Real Salt.  It simmered and waited lovingly and solicitously  to care for my needs.  I was able to drink it throughout the night, and next day, and next night, and... I just added more broth as it was used.  I used up all 3 quarts; although some of it was for dc so they could get an immune boost also. The moral of this story:  make some broth!  I'm out now so I'll be defrosting a chicken tonight, baking it tomorrow, and making more broth as soon as it's done baking.  I don't even freeze my broth because we go through so much of it.

This little crock has a removable insert for easy washing.  I've had the other kind before and like this one so much more:


  1. Wonderful idea! I had made and frozen some bone broth (because we all got sick of the scent of simmering chicken bones in the morning!LOL) Recently I realized that I had fallen off in making broth and my frozen supplies were depleted..thankfully this also coincided with sales on whole chickens and chicken backs at a local store! Thankfully I have a room that doesn't get used much where I can put the crock pots with the broth simmering and shut the door, so we don't wake up to the smell anymore.

  2. Juliette,

    Yeah! I love it when needs coincide with sales :). Yes, I'd love to have a second kitchen just for the prep foods in the crockpot, dehydrator, etc!

    I appreciate your comment!