Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Lenten Links for ideas

Here are some more Lenten resources:

What's Cookin'?

We had tortilla soup (again!) tonight for dinner.  We just use tortilla chips in the bottom of the bowl and serve the soup on top.  I cannot eat unsprouted or un-nixtimalized corn chips so... I took a pack of our organic nixtimalized corn tortillas I got from Azure Standard with our last order (I assume they are because the ingredients list "a trace of lime"), rubbed both sides of each tortilla with sunflower oil, cut through a stack of 3 or 4 into 8 wedges, put each piece in a single layer in a glass baking pan, sprinkled with salt, and baked for 10 minutes at 400F.  Yum.  The dc (who had a bag of organic tortilla chips) really liked them and didn't even wait for the last batch to cool before eating :).  It took 3 batches to make the whole bag since I was using just a regular-sized baking pan.

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