Monday, March 7, 2011

Parsley-Garlic Dip

What's Cookin'? (What's Schoolin'? is below)


I was making "swamp soup" from a friend's recipe (split pea soup) and put a whole bunch (literally) of parsley in the food processor with 2 garlic cloves.  After I whirred it I thought it was too much so I held back 1/4 of the chopped bunch.  I put it in a little mason jar and added olive oil; mixing it thouroughly.  Then I smooshed it down and poured a little more oil in it to cover it all.  This has been keeping in the refrigerator for a week now and it is as fresh as day 1. 


Put your dip base in a bowl and mix the above parsley-garlic mix to taste.  It's that easy!  I like to use sour cream these days but I also use plain yogurt as a base for dips or salad dressings.  For me it's about 2 tablespoons of base to about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon mixture.  It has a little kick because of the garlic and the parsley is very refreshing.  I don't even use salt if I'm eating it with something salty.  Otherwise, for a veggie dip, you could add some Real Salt.

I even used this mixture to season some chicken I was baking and it gave it a good flavor.

I used fresh parsley, but you could use dried parsley as well.  Parsley is one of those plants that I can actually grow!  I planted mine outside at the wrong time of year and it overwintered fine.  Now it's growing and thriving.  Here and here and here and here are some organic seeds (pictures below).  Here and here are some organic dried parsley (pictures below).  I thought this parsley-based all purpose cleaner was interesting - I've never heard of it before :).

This recipe is part of Kelly's Real Food Wednesday.

What's Schoolin'?

Here is dd's language work she was doing the other day so she doesn't forget her parts of speech.  We came up against some tricky words that *I* couldn't figure out either!  I need to find out a few things for her (how humbling!).  She used some cut-up sentences for the following:  put sentence together; copy in notebook; label with Montessori grammar symbols above the words.  She used the cards from Winston Grammar to help with a few.  The small spiral you see poking out is where she writes the shelf works she's done each work period.  Each dc has their own but I also have one where I write everyone's down.

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  1. hopping over from RFW. I preserve fresh herbs in oil all the time. perfect for salad dressings, flavored croutons, garlic toast, toss hot steamed/roasted veggies in, as a dip. so versatile. one of my favorites is "oregano pesto"