Monday, March 14, 2011

More Canada Resources~Some Misc. Links~Griddles


I left out a few items in the last post (yes, there's more!):  Welcome to Canada and The Canada Goose.  We also watched an IMAX movie called The Great North.  There is a view on the computer version and the regular DVD/VHS and even Blu-ray:

This site has some great thematic online maps.  This is the link for the thematic Canada maps.  Click on the download button and a new window pops up where you can copy/paste:

Some recent links:

**This link is for the AMC Montessori Spring Hands-On Newsletter with lots of hands-on ideas:

**In the Hands of a Child's $5.00 e-book this week is a Dental Health e-book.  Click on Ebook of the Week.  It shows as $10 but when you select e-book (near the bottom) it changes to $5.00.

The current freebie is still The Big Snow:

**Grammar lessons/quizzes:  This came through Clickschooling.  I haven't tried it yet with dc but I did randomly look at a few lessons and quizzes.  Nothing "Wow," but I think it would be very good review.  I like the short practices and the quizzes.

**Albanesi sent this out:
U.S. HISTORY - From 1492 to 2008 == This Advanced Elementary U.S. History Program is designed for Montessori students of the 9-12 age level, specifically for grades 5-8. It consists of Picture Cards 5.5"x5x5" fully colored to match on a vinyl time line which can be purchased separately (See: T-101-USA). Learn more by clicking on the links below.

What's Cookin'?

Some Great E-Books: Kelly highlighted 3 great resources. I've read the Everything Bean book and just the front info alone is very good.

Griddles:  I'm ready to ditch my non-stick griddle.  Aside from teflon being unhealthy it's just plain gross and scratched.  Dd made pancakes in the stainless steel pan and it was really hard getting around the sides to flip them.  Stainless Steel may not be the absolute best and I'm afraid there may be some nickel leeching if it's not high quality.  On the other hand, it's gotta be better than my old griddle.  So, here is my baby-step.  I'm undecided between this one ($27.40)(*free shipping)(I doubt I'll use the lid but you never know) or this one ($29.57)(flat/square)(plus $8.99 shipping!!).  Both are a little out of my range but may be worth it.  I am leaning toward the first one because:  free shipping :), a (positive) review on the other one recommended using it with a heat diffuser and the first has even heating, the first seems heavier, and of course - free shipping (that gets twice the weight)!  There are also some cast iron griddles but I still haven't seasoned the pan I got months ago so that will wait.

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