Monday, March 14, 2011

Book Giveaway!

Somehow we ended up with 2 copies of the following book by Robert Elmer (One of our favorite authors!!) so I'm giving one away:

Rescue at Boomerang Bend; Book 3 of the Adventures Down Under Series.  There is no age/grade level listed on the book but I would say upper elementary to maybe middle school (Gr.3/4 through 6/7).  You can read an old review I posted about Robert Elmer here (and make sure to see his comment!).  This would be of interest for both boys and girls.  The main character in the series is a boy but my girls thoroughly enjoy reading them.

For the giveaway:  Just put your first name (no last name necessary) and city in the comments.  This will stay open until Monday, March 21th, 6:30 am CST, so that I can mail the book out to the winner on Monday.  Please check back early Monday morning (March 21, 2011) if you enter because I probably won't be able to get to the post office again until the next Friday.  The winner will have 48 hours to send me their mailing address.  Sorry, but I'll have to limit it to the Continental US only because of postage costs.  This giveaway is very informal but they've worked out well in the past.  If you know me from a list or real life and want to send me your entry through e-mail instead, that's fine.  I'll include those with the comment entries since sometimes blog readers aren't signed in with blogger to be able to leave comments.

The books in this series are (in order): Escape to Murray River; Captive at Kangaroo Springs; Rescue at Boomerang Bend; Dingo Creek Challenge; Race to Wallaby Bay; Firestorm at Kookaburra Station; Koala Beach Outbreak; and Panic at Emu Flat.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation and give-away! Janna, Wheaton, IL

  2. Would love to read these to my son! Arlington, Virginia

  3. Sounds like a great book. My kids love to read that kind of book. I see that it is one in a series. Can the books stand alone or do the kid have to have read the other books?
    Jeannine Weare, NH

  4. My three boys love historical fiction. I would love to win this book.