Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More 20th Century US History Resources

These are mainly lapbooking resources:

We're almost ready to start the 20th century in US history so I need to go ahead and make a decision...

I really, really, really like In the Hands of a Child lapbooks.  I have been please with every one that I have seen or used.  Here is their 20th century US History lapbook.  I like that it goes through 2009: ($20 for the e-book)

Same one on currclick so you can compare prices before ordering:

These are the A Journey through Learning ones.  I was a little confused in the difference between the "Lapbook and Study Guide" and the "Unit Study."  After closely comparing them, it seems as though the unit study has a bit more.  They have a few more topics and more pages.  I have not used this company's lapbooks before but after looking through them I am game to try them this go-round.

Lapbook with study guide (56 pages)

Unit study (same cover as above)(83 pages)

This looks different on the outside (go to history; overview of 20th century):

I don't know why I want a separate little booklet for each decade in addition to main events.  We'll probably do those on our own.  That's where this resource will come in handy.  I still have my inter-library loan copy but it'll be due next week so I guess I need to hurry and decide whether or not to get it.

[UPDATE:  Aargh!  I'm so frustrated with myself... The "Unit Study" does NOT have minibooks for lapbooking!  It's doesn't actually say lapbook in the description but I got confused because they use the same info pages for the topics, similar table of contents, similar topics, etc.  I thought I was getting the lapbook study guide plus some. (huge sigh)  We'll make it work but the point was not needing to do any thinking to put it together - for it to save dc time because they don't have much right now.  After all of that time/thought investigating these and now I have major buyer's remorse.]

Totally unrelated:  In their junior/senior year I was thinking about an original document study.  Well, I just saw this on currclick on the same page as the above lapbook.  It's called America's Greatest Documents by A Journey through Learning:
In a nutshell:  I'll use the unit study from A Journey through Learning on sale right now at currclick for $9.75 (happy dance!).  Yes, cost is a factor because, you know, I have to buy that food coloring and those candy canes I posted about earlier .  In addition to the lapbook we'll use the following book that I just this minute decided to get: Our Century in Pictures for Young People.  Let me reiterate my disclaimer though:  this isn't a book I'll just set out for the dc.  Some of the photos are too graphic.  I'll also show a decade book below that my library carries.  We'll check those out as we go through the time periods if they are available since they don't have every decade (preview first).

Another Chemistry Book!

This will make a great supplementary book for our Chemistry studies this year:

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