Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Montessori Globes

I thought I would do a quick highlight of this wonderful Montessori material that is so inexpensive and fun to make (Yes, I said fun!).

I got these globes at a Wal-Mart years ago in the school section for $4 each.  I used acrylic paint that I already had at home to paint them.  For the land/water globe I painted the blue first.  Then I painted white school glue (or was it Tacky Glue?) in sections so the glue wouldn't dry before I got the sand on it.  The sand came from our sand box.  Note:  sift the sand first or your Australia may have a big 'rock' on it like mine does.  [*Then* I sifted and the rest came out just right :)]  Once you paint the glue on a section roll it in a bowl with sand.

I actually like this smaller size for our home school.  They are about 4 inches in diameter.  I got a third one and just left it plain with the details.  Just last week youngest dd was using that one.  I saw some almost this size at the local dollar store a few weeks ago - also in the school section. 

If you need the full size or a commercial Montessori Globe I found this one on Amazon:


  1. This is great, I need to make these soon...I am going to check Walmart.

  2. Kerryanne,

    Thanks for your comment - Some people do a lacquer finish but I didn't and they still look new.

  3. I did mine in a similar way but used glitter glue, you still get the rough feel and isn't as messy :o)
    you have been featured on the Montessori Goldmine

  4. Thanks again, Jo! I am humbled by being featured a few times on the goldmine.

    I love the glitter glue idea.