Sunday, July 11, 2010

Current Sales

Garden of Francis:

Okay, I haven't even gotten my first order yet and I'm already in love with Garden of Francis!  Support this wonderful Montessori Homeschooler if you can.  My favorites that fit my current needs are the laundry soap, the dish soap, and the bar soap. 

I think I'll end up getting the world felt map to replace my old tattered map.  At some point I'll have to accept that it's time to put up the plastic animals that go with the felt map to help push my children into more upper level work (sigh) but for now even the oldest likes to handle the animals.  Gee, I never even got around to marking the bottoms of the animals for the control and it's already time to move forward.  I have to remember that the toy animals are probably not in the 6-9 classes (right???).  Here is mine - Asia always drives me crazy because the seams pop open (I used peel and stick felt for Asia and MUCH prefer the regular felt pieces stuck on with Tacky Glue).  I also wish that I had made Antarctica in the actual shape of the continent.  In the meantime (and if I get around to it) I could just re-do Asia/Antarctica and run it through the dryer to get the lint and such off of the back.

Take a few minutes to browse through their Montessori and Educational items.  While you're there, be sure to look through the homemaking items as well.  They quickly answered any questions that I had (and I had many!!).  To make life even better they have free shipping right now for all orders over $50.00.  I went in with a few people to order before that particular sale started and by the time we had all of our ducks in a row and I completed the order we had such a pleasant surprise with the free shipping!  So, whether you can get in an order before the sale ends, or order after the sale ends on your own or with others, consider ordering from Garden of Francis.  By the way, they *always* have free shipping on books :).  She also has primary and elementary Montessori homeschool guides for sale!  No, I'm not affiliated with them - I just think they are great and wanted to pass that along to you!

Parts of Wonder:

I don't have a need for these right now but they are so beautiful that I thought I'd post the link.  They are 'parts of' cards but not in 3-part card fashion.  Rather, they are the 'label the picture' type of activity.  I have one of this type (but not even 1/2 as beautiful) in my insect box and the dc did well with it.  If the sale hasn't started yet then check back after July 15th.  I'm posting a picture below (with permission); isn't it beautiful?


  1. Parts of Wonder will be having a 15% off sale...July 15th -18th. Be sure to visit! Thanks Beth!

  2. Thank you Beth for your wonderful write-up!

    I'm just going to add that I also take product suggestions and requests as well - we're not limited to what we have posted :)

    Thank you again!