Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chemistry Links

Chemistry Links:

Next year we'll be using Real Science 4 Kids for all 3 levels.  This will be our spine but we'll also use Montessori-style materials and other resources (I'm sure you'll read about them in detail later!).  I went through all of the websites I had tagged for Chemistry and separated them into the appropriate RS4K chapters.  Now I'm sharing them with you.  As of this post all are working links.  I can't vouch for the future, though.  Aren't you glad I don't have my cottage industry website up or organized?  You get the fruits of my looong labor for free :).  Even if you aren't using RS4K this should be helpful because you can find the topic in the chapter title and still use the links. 

The first page is mainly notes for myself and will probably make NO sense to anyone else!  That's okay - just ignore or ask me if you want to know about something.

I uploaded the document to the dc's computer so they can just click on links and get straight to it.  It's on their desktop. That way they can spend time with the links for chapter such-and-such while I burn something in the kitchen am engaged elsewhere.

Here is the link for the document and you know the rules: no selling or otherwise profiting from other people's work.  Below are the direct links to Amazon for these books.  The student books are so good that my olders didn't want me sell the Pre-Level 1 when they were done.  Good thing - Now I need it for youngest dd!

Here are the Student Textbooks:

Here are the Student Workbooks:

Here are the Teacher Manuals:


  1. this is fabulous, thanks for sharing all of your work.

  2. Kylie,

    You're so welcome! They are not in any order within the chapters, but, hey (shrug).

    If you knew how NOT type-A I am, you would be even more impressed, lol.