Thursday, September 24, 2009


I couldn't decide whether to blog about schooling, educational materials, curricula, food and nutrition, health, current events, or any myriad of topics. Therefore, like our lives, this blog will be eclectic - I like to think of it as 'balanced' or even 'interesting.' :)

Topics we're currently studying in school (both at home and at enrichment classes): Early 1800's, Texas History, Plants and Soil, Apologia Zoology-2, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Winston Grammar, Montessori Grammar, Write Shop I, Writing Workshop (we'll be using R. Fletcher books for mini-lessons this year), Spelling Power, Citizenship, and...

Food in progress: saurkraut is fermenting, bone broth is in the crockpot, and sourdough bread is almost ready to bake.

Materials recently made: Parts of a River layout

Materials in progress (will I EVER get these finished??): Grammar boxes, Bohr atom model with marbles and cards, Elements Box (samples of elements in a tackle box with the name/symbols)


  1. Can't wait for some pictures...

  2. Yeah, my first comment in 'blog-world'! Thanks for posting. We love horses. I glanced at your link and look forward to spending more time looking through it.


  3. Very nice blog!
    Saw your link to it from your post on Playschool6...
    Hope that your family will enjoy learning about ocean life, too...we are just wrapping up ocean life and are getting ready to learn about forest and marsh life.
    Look forward to reading your blog.

  4. Hi Colleen!

    What are you using for your biome studies? I had sooo many great plans for that last year, lol. We had some shelf-work but mainly they (gr. 6th and 7th) researched, wrote reports, and made Power Points. I had hoped to make a little container garden as we studied each biome. We only got as far as the grasslands and grew grass in our little 'biome garden' container. After that they each chose their own to research and we had the general biome shelf-work.

    I love looking at Waseca materials at their website for inspiration.

    I have extras of the following booklets. Contact me offlist if you want me to mail you some:

    Thanks for your comment!