Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I found these nice cards online. They have directions for a game but I think it would also serve as a good layout work for shelfwork. Not necessarily something they would do and then self-correct because they are already color-coded, but I think it is a good practice material.

Other Materials:

I've been sorting through some stashed montessori printouts and trying to either get them on the shelves, in the appropriate closet box, or out of the house. Today I discovered command cards already printed and laminated for Europe and Asia. Yeah!! Now they are cut and ready for their continent box, but first... I need to print some blank outline maps to put in there with the cards and to use to make the colored controls. Am I weird that I'm looking forward to coloring the control maps, lol??

What's Cookin'?

The saurkraut middle dd made is outstanding. I love to pile it on my sandwiches, mmm.

I just finished spooning 2 quarts of homemade yogurt into jars - actually about 1-1/2 since dc ate some while I was doing it :). With as much yogurt as we eat it really pays off to do it at home.

This is the method I currently use and works the best for me right now:
- Heat milk up to 180 F [on stovetop - NOT microwave]
- Let milk cool to 110 F [If you are using raw milk and want to keep it raw then only heat up to 110, skipping the first step, and then continue with the next step]
- Mix in 1 tablespoon starter per quart and stir gently until mixed in with warm milk [I always try to leave some in the last jar we eat and use that for starter for the next batch. I've lost track of how many batches I've made like this. However, I keep some starter already premeasured in the freezer for backup. You never know when someone might serve all of the yogurt and not leave any starter for the next batch. FYI for my initial starter I used organic plain yogurt from the store with active cultures (NOT low-fat or fat-free!) - I think it was Brown Cow or Stonyfield Farm]
- Leave in the pot with lid in the oven with the oven OFF and the oven *light* ON. This gives it just enough heat to keep it at the right temperature. Let it be for 8+ hours. The longer you leave it the more sour it gets because the culture is turning the lactose into lactid acid. Check it at about 8 hours and see if it has 'yoged' yet. If it still seems too thin let it be longer. I have found that when I don't have time and stick the whole pot in the fridge for a bit it actually thickens a bit more and is easier to spoon into jars.
- We flavor on the table, not during the process. Usually we just serve in individual bowls and put frozen/fresh fruit on top. Otherwise we use it in smoothies.


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