Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gratitude Journal

I am overwhelmed with gratitude today. Gratitude can be like a shield from which trials can bounce off. Things could be so much worse :).

The washing machine hasn't worked for weeks. I'm grateful that the dryer works so I can handwash urgent items and dry them. A load is soaking in the bathtub right now waiting to be scrubbed. I'm grateful that I was able to wash a few loads at my mom's last weekend - and visit with her as an added bonus.

We have an asp infestation. I'm grateful nobody has gotten stung (yet).

The van wouldn't start yesterday. I'm grateful that we were stranded in our own driveway. It could've been so much worse! Of course by then the dog was REALLY excited to be going somewhere so we took her for a short walk.

My back hasn't healed after almost 5 months. I'm grateful that I can stand and move around and get things done. I'm sleeping better now so that's another plus.

I'm grateful that the olders and dh had a safe day trip yesterday.

I'm grateful that 2 of the dc are feeling better today and seem to be kicking whatever they came down with yesterday; although I'm waiting to see how one dd is doing as the day progresses.

I'm grateful that dh has the 'gift of tinkering' and was able to fix the van yesterday evening and will attempt to fix the washing machine later today.

I'm grateful for family and friends.

I'm grateful for so many things. What makes you feel grateful??


  1. I'm reading Pollyanna right now. Your post reminds me of her 'glad game'. :)

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for posting. After reading your comment I looked it up and it looks like a good book. I was surprised that our library doesn't have it (!) but I can get it from inter-library loan.