Sunday, December 31, 2017

High School Biology: Apologia Resources

What's Schoolin'?

[Note: This is an unfinished draft but I'm posting it now because it looks like it will never be polished/posted if I wait!  I've moved on from teaching Biology classes and youngest Dd is using DIVE Biology along with an outside lab this year.  I'll be pulling in resources from these posts - which is what made me look for them and discover that many of the drafts were never posted!  Hopefully these will be helpful to others... ]

I am teaching Biology at a local homeschool enrichment program this year.  Ironically, I never intended to teach Biology to my own homeschoolers and my oldest children did it in a co-op.  Even more ironically, one is currently a Biology major in college :) [update: she graduated!].  Anyway, this post will be a place where I will post online support resources for my general Biology class.  We are using Apologia Biology 2nd Edition.

These schedules have been especially helpful in planning:

Donna Young Biology links (I still need to go through and see what I need):

Great blog with ideas and links for each module:

Quizlet has flash cards and quizzes for each module.  I find it easier to just google "apologia (the module) flash cards" than to search within quizlet.

Dissected Perch Cake, yes, really!  Needs rice crispy treats and fondant.

Activities by topic (a lot of genetics but also other topics):

Great ideas!
Coloring worksheets:
Concept Maps:

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