Sunday, December 31, 2017

Biology Cell Models

What's Schoolin'?

[Note: This is an unfinished draft but I'm posting it now because it looks like it will never be polished/posted if I wait!  I've moved on from teaching Biology classes and youngest Dd is using DIVE Biology along with an outside lab this year.  I'll be pulling in resources from these posts - which is what made me look for them and discover that many of the drafts were never posted!  Hopefully these will be helpful to others... ]

We just finished Module 2 and are in the middle of Module 3 of Apologia's Biology (2nd Ed).  During Module 2 I brought Play-Doh to class and had my students (yes, 9th graders!) make a 2-D cell model using Play-Doh.  For Module 3 I had them make an Amoeba model using colored paper.  Here is my example that I made as I explained it.  A few students wanted to make a Paramecium instead.

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