Monday, September 1, 2014

First Day of School Staff Meeting

What's Schoolin'?

Labor Day is the first day of school here at St. Jerome Academy. 

Therefore, there was a general staff meeting in the teacher's lounge late this morning to discuss the direction of the school this year and to decide on the curriculum needs of the students.  The meeting was attended by the school principal, counselor, coach, ag teacher, test administrator, and core subject teachers for 7th and 12th grade.

There was quite a bit of discussion and disagreement throughout the meeting.  Fortunately, after about 40 minutes of chaos during which everyone talked at once and agreed with no one, consensus was reached for 1 major school decision:  It was time to adjourn and take the traditional First Day of School Field Trip to get ice cream/frozen yogurt.

PS:  The children asked me later why I was talking to myself in the back bedroom earlier today, but enjoyed going out for frozen yogurt! :)

Happy Labor Day! :)


  1. I read through your post and kept thinking to myself that I had really missed something. I thought you were strictly a home schooler. Then it dawned on me, you still are! Best wishes for an awesome school year!

  2. Rita, yes, I just couldn't help myself, lol. Thanks so much for your comment!

    Thank you and may you also have a wonderful year full of peace and happy surprises in unexpected places.