Friday, September 19, 2014

Deal Alert: Cowgirl Dirt Lipstick 20% Off!!

What's Green?

Lipstick withOUT nano particles is difficult to find.  Years ago I tried a Cowgirl Dirt lipstick, before they repackaged their lipsticks.  I also got samples from them and the shipping was, I think, less than $3 for everything.  It was great until I had a "Lipstick Blowout" from leaving my purse in the car for an hour (no kidding, just an hour, maybe less).  Lipstick exploded all over the car when I took the cap off!  Now I make sure to take my purse out if it's over 100F, even if the car is in the garage!

Right now their lipsticks are 20% off as they introduce the new matte colors.  I much prefer matte - which is mainly why I haven't gotten more of their lipsticks after the first order.  So... I'm ordering the Hidalgo and samples of the other mattes.  My daughters need samples of some of the others so we can see which colors work best.

No coupon necessary.  I didn't see a date for the end of the sale.

No, I'm not an affiliate of Cowgirl Dirt... but maybe I should start :)...  I'm just sharing a deal with you!


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  1. PS: If you are using Explorer the Add to Saddlebag and checkout buttons are hard to see but they are there. :) I had to call them and then once I knew to look for them better I could find them. Hope that helps!