Monday, July 7, 2014

Practical Life for Olders: Felted Soap

What's Schoolin'?

"Life" and "School" overlap so much with a Montessori inclination (and even homeschooling in general), but this certainly fits with Practical Life.

We have discovered the art of felting soap and my youngest in particular (12) just LOVES to felt soap.  This is her newest creation.

What on Earth is 'felted soap'???  It's so cool :).

Felted soap is a bar of soap encased with 100% wool.  The wool shrinks and encases the soap.  It becomes the 'scrubby' and exfoliant.  We only use our all-natural soap blends for ours, but you could use whatever soap you prefer.  They make great gifts.

1. You take 100% wool and pull it out thinly to make a "blanket" for your soap.   We use roving wool from Hobby Lobby (using their perpetual 40% off coupon :) ) similar to this and this.

2. Wrap your soap both ways (vertically and horizontally) with no soap showing. 

3. Wrap it in the foot of an old nylon hose and knot it.

4. Optional:  Put a little squirt of dish soap just to help it get started.  This will rinse off so it won't be in your soap at the end.  It spares a little of your own inside soap.

5. Dip it in really hot water and squeeze gently.  Do this until the wool is saturated.

6. Scrub and rough it up a little all over it.  When the wool doesn't pull away easily take off the nylon.  Keep rubbing until it doesn't pull away at all (a few fuzzies are okay, but no strands).

7. Rinse in cold water and squeeze gently.

8. Dab gently with a towel or paper towels.

9. Leave it to dry at least overnight before gifting, using, or storing.

Here it is ready for the local Farmer's Market!

[UPDATE:  This pretty pink/purple one she made sold yesterday - first day out.  We have 3 small round ones and just 1 large one left - time to felt some more soap! :)]

Here are some more that the children and I have made.  A few are listed in the Etsy store and a few have already sold:

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