Thursday, July 31, 2014

Deal Alert: Aldi

What's Savin'?

On Tuesday I swung by Aldi (which I always forget is there!) and got a dry pint of organic grape tomatoes AND a container of organic salad greens for about $4.  They also had organic baby carrots for $1.  It has lasted this family of 5 more than 2 meals; though it would probably have only lasted one if salad were the main course.  We served it with tacos one night and taquitos the next night for inside the tacos and as a side dish.  There are still plenty of greens left for today's leftover noodle/chicken/veggie dinner.

Anyway... while I was there I saw dehydrators for $19.99!  Yes, they may be smallish but what a great way to start or see if you like dehydrating.  We love our dehydrator and I can't wait to get back in a kitchen and be able to cook from scratch again.

On the flyer for this week they have posted:

Oranges: $2.49 for 3 pounds

Bananas: $0.39/pound

They also have blueberries on sale, $0.99/dry pint.  I would have to see where they are from though.  I quit eating USA blueberries and just eat Canadian since the US ones went on the Dirty Dozen list.  If they are Canadian I plan on stocking up and freezing them.

[I also saw that Sprouts has Santa Cruz organics on sale for 25% off this week]


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